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Table 1 Factors That Identify People Who Should Be Assessed for Osteoporosis

From: Asthma and Therapeutics: Inhaled Corticosteroids, Corticosteroid Osteoporosis, and the Risk of Fracture in Chronic Asthma

Major Risk Factors Minor Risk Factors
Age >65 yr Rheumatoid arthritis
Vertebral compression fracture Past history of clinical hyperthyroidism
Fragility fracture after age 40 yr Chronic anticonvulsant therapy
Family history of osteoporotic fracture (especially maternal hip fracture) Low dietary calcium intake
Systemic glucocorticoid therapy of >3 mo duration Smoker
Malabsorption syndrome Excessive alcohol intake
Primary hyperparathyroidism Excessive caffeine intake
Propensity to fall Weight < 57 kg
Osteopenia apparent on radiograph Weight loss >10% of weight at age 25 yr
Hypogonadism Chronic heparin therapy
Early menopause (before age 45 yr)  
  1. Adapted from Brown JP et al. [3]