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Table 1 Clinical Diagnostic Sensitivity of Tests for Immediate Hypersensitivity

From: Consensus Guidelines on Practical Issues of Immunotherapy-Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (CSACI)

Allergen Skin-Prick Test Intradermal Skin Test Specific IgE Measurement (RAST
Insect venom or drugs Insufficient sensitivity Preferred Complementary to intradermal skin test
Latex Standard Not recommended (risk of anaphylaxis) Acceptable
Food Acceptable Not recommended (false positives, risk of anaphylaxis) Acceptable (false negatives)
Inhalants Acceptable (False positives) Acceptable (false negatives)
  1. Adapted from Hamilton RG, Adkinson NF [14].
  2. IgE = immunoglobulin E; RAST = radioallergosorbent test