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Table 1 Classification of Allergic and Pseudoallergic Reactions Induced by Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

From: Clinical Management of Adult Patients with a History of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug-Induced Urticaria/Angioedema: Update

  Type of Allergic/Pseudoallergic Reactions Underlying Disorder Cross-Reaction/Reaction on First Exposure
1 Asthma and rhinitis exacerbated by NSAID Asthma/sinusitis/polyposis Yes
2 Urticaria/angioedema exacerbated by NSAID Chronic urticaria Yes
3 Urticaria/angioedema from single NSAID None No
4 Acute urticaria/angioedema from multiple NSAIDs None Yes
5 Anaphylaxis from single NSAID None No
6 Blended respiratory/cutaneous reaction from one or more NSAIDs Asthma/rhinitis/polyposis or none Yes or No
  1. NSAID = nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.