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Table 1 Similarities and differences between vaccination and allergen-immunotherapy

From: The anti-vaccination movement and resistance to allergen-immunotherapy: a guide for clinical allergists

   Vaccination Allergen-Immunotherapy
Similarities Clinical history Over a century Nearly a century
  Therapeutics contains adjuvants and preservatives? Yes, often Yes, often
  Synonyms: Medical and lay-public vernacular    a) shots    a) allergy shots
      b) vaccines    b)allergen vaccines
      c) IMMUN ization    c) IMMUN otherapy
  Administration Injection, occasional oral Injection, occasional oral
  Physiological target Immune system Immune system
Differences Category of prevention Primary Tertiary
  Active ingredient Derivatives of infectious agent Allergen mixture
  Physiological response Induce immune response Alter/modify immune response
  Length of treatment Short, sometimes months Lengthy, months to years
  Number of injections Often single; may require 'boosters' Multiple injections
  Tissue injected Intra-muscular Subcutaneous
  Risk of anaphylaxis Extremely low Low, but significant
  Treatment goal Resistance/immunity to infection Tolerance to allergen