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Table 7 CRS Diagnosis Requires the Presence of at Least 2 Major Symptoms*

From: Canadian clinical practice guidelines for acute and chronic rhinosinusitis

  Major Symptom
C Facial C ongestion/fullness
P Facial P ain/pressure/fullness
O Nasal O bstruction/blockage
D Purulent anterior/posterior nasal D rainage (discharge may be nonpurulent, nondiscolored)
S Hyposmia/anosmia (S mell) [9, 21, 136].
  1. *A diagnosis requires at least 2 CPODS, present for 8 to 12 weeks, plus evidence of inflammation of the paranasal sinusus or nasal mucosa.
  2. CRS is diagnosed on clinical grounds but must be confirmed with at least 1 objective finding on endoscopy or CT scan.