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Table 4 Ig replacement therapies for PID approved in Canada [7].

From: Primary immunodeficiency

  Gammagard S/D,
Gamunex/IGIVnex, Talecris (Biotherapeutics) Gammagard Liquid, (Baxter) Privigen CSL, (Behring Canada) Vivaglobin CSL, (Behring Canada)
Formulation Lyophilized Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid
Administration IV IV IV IV SC
Concentration 5% or 10% upon
9%-11% 9%-11% 10% 16%
Shelf-life Not specified 36 months 36 months Not specified 24 months
Storage requirements Up to 25°C
Do not freeze
2°C-8°C (36 mo),
up to 25°C (6 mo)
Do not freeze
2°C-8°C (36 mo), up to 25°C (for a single period of up to 9 mo within the first 24 mo from date of manufacture)
Do not freeze
Room temperature
(up to 25°C)
Do not freeze
Keep in the original carton to protect it from light
2-8°C (24 mo)
Do not freeze
Keep vials in storage box until use
Do not administer if vial has been opened more than 4 h
Infusion rate and dosage For 5% solution:
4 mL/kg/h, maximum
(3.3 mg/kg/min, maximum)
For 10% solution:
8 mL/kg/h, maximum (calculated rate:13.3 mg/kg/min, maximum)
0.14 mL/kg/min (14 mg/kg/min, maximum) 8 mL/kg/h
maximum (calculated rate: 13.3 mg/kg/min, maximum)
0.08 mL/kg/ min, maximum (8 mg/kg/min) 100-200 mg/kg weekly; maximum volume of 15 mL per injection site at a rate of 20 mL/h
Previous IV Ig dose ×1.37, then divide into weekly dose based on previous IV Ig interval
  1. IV: intravenous; SC: subcutaneous