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Table 1 Overarching principles and recommendations results of the SurveyMonkey® online responses

From: Management of chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU): a treat to target approach using a patient reported outcome

  Support (%) Agreementa
Overarching principles
 Patient and physician must share the responsibility of treatment for CSU/CIU 100 4.9
 Achieve symptom control and normalize patient’s long-term health-related quality of life 100 4.4
 A record of UAS7 must be part of any urticaria treatment to target management plan by measuring disease activity and adjusting therapy accordingly 100 4.6
 The primary target for treatment of CSU/CIU should be clinical symptom remission 100 4.4
 The patient should be knowledgeable about the treatment target under physician supervision 100 4.8
 The use of a validated tool to monitor disease activity 100 4.6
 Until the treatment target is reached, drug therapy should be adjusted 77.8 3.7
 The treatment target should be sustained throughout the remaining course of the disease management 100 4.6
  1. aThe level of agreement was expressed as the average of all voters on a 5-point numerical rating scale. A majority of ≥50% was required for a statement to be accepted