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Table 2 Clinical features and laboratory investigations

From: Initial intravenous immunoglobulin doses should be based on adjusted body weight in obese patients with primary immunodeficiency disorders

Clinical symptoms Recurrent infections
Family history of hypogammaglobulinemia Daughter with CVID
Hb (130–190 g/l) 118
Neutrophils (1.9–7.5 × E + 9/l) 1.9
Platelets (150–400× E + 9/l) 208
IgG (7–14 g/l) 3.5
IgA (0.8–4 g/l) < 0.07
IgM (0.4–2.5 g/l) 0.4
Autoantibodies Nil
Immunophenotype B cells present
Switched memory B cells (CD19+ CD27+ , IgD−: NR 5–21) 1.8
Tetanus pre/post (IU/ml) 0.64/0.52
Diphtheria pre/post (IU/ml) 0.03/0.08
HIB pre/post µg/ml 0.16/0.37
Pneumovax® pre/post* (serotypes > 1.3 µg/ml/23) 0/0
Vaccine durability Not done
Sequence variations WES: no causative mutation
Relevant histology Nil
T cell responses Normal lectin responses
Normal responses to tetanus, diphtheria and candida
Diagnosis CVID (Ameratunga et al. criteria)
Treatment IVIG/SCIG
Bariatric surgery
Clinical outcome Well