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Table 1 HCT for asymptomatic patients with XLP1

From: Hematopoietic cell transplantation for asymptomatic X-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome type 1

Age Donor
HLA matching Conditioning regimen GVHD prophylaxis aGVHD cGVHD Outcome References
1 years Unrelated
6/6 Bu/TAI 3 Gy/Flu/CY/ATG Tacrolimus/sMTX None None Alive (3 years) [5]
8 months Unrelated
5/6 Flu/Mel/ATG/TAI 6 Gy Tacrolimus/sMTX/PSL GradeII None Alive (9 years) [5]
20 months Unrelated
8/8 Flu/Mel/TBI 3 Gy Tacrolimus/sMTX GradeI None Alive (2 years) Our patient
  1. aGVHD acute graft versus host disease, ATG anti thymocyte globulin, BM bone marrow, Bu busulfan, cGVHD chronic graft versus host disease, CY cyclophosphamide, Flu fludarabine, Mel melphalan, PBSC peripheral blood stem cells, PSL prednisolone, sMTX short term methotrexate, TAI total abdominal irradiation, TBI total body irradiation