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Table 2 Endoscopic features of EoE

From: Correction to: Eosinophilic esophagitis

Endoscopic feature Description
Linear furrowing • Vertical esophageal lines or ridges in the esophageal wall
Concentric rings • Multiple rings that may be fine, web-like or thickened (also termed the “corrugated” or “ringed” esophagus)
White speckled exudates • Patches of whitish papules (1–2 mm in diameter)
• Resembles esophageal candidiasis
Schatzki ring • Narrow ring of tissue located just above the junction of the esophagus and stomach
Small-calibre esophagus • Narrowed esophagus, with fixed internal diameter
• Featureless, unchanging column
• Poor expansion on air insufflation
• Proximal and/or distal stenosis
Linear superficial mucosal tears • Mucosal abrasions or shearing that occur upon minimal contact (e.g., after simple passage of a routine endoscope)