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Fig. 1

From: Abstracts of 11th C1-inhibitor Deficiency & Angioedema Workshop

Fig. 1

Diagram of counts of subjects reporting the specific STP agents (choices were “C1Inh”, “Icatibant”, “Ecallantide”, “rC1Inh”, “other”). Of the 120 subjects who received STP, a total of 91 subjects reported receiving C1Inh [human] as STP (which includes 79 subjects exclusively on C1Inh [human], 1 subject on rC1Inh + C1Inh, 7 on Icatibant + C1Inh, 3 on Other + C1Inh, and 1 on Other + Icatibant + C1Inh.). 10 received Icatibant only as STP, 1 received Ecallantide only, and 1 received rC1Inh only. 17 subjects reported receiving other STP agent (choices were “C1Inh. 130 subjects did not receive STP

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