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Table 3 Fluorescently labelled antibodies for monocyte cell surface markers (all mouse anti-human antibodies except rat anti-human)

From: Differential expression of CCR2 and CX3CR1 on CD16+ monocyte subsets is associated with asthma severity

Epitope Conjugate Manufacturer Clone Isotype Test volume
CD45 AF700 Becton–Dickinson HI30 IgG1, k 5
CD14 BV510 Becton–Dickinson MφP9 IgG2b, k 5
CD16 BV421 Becton–Dickinson 3G8 IgG1, k 3
CCR2 AF647 Becton–Dickinson 48607 IgG2b 5
CX3CR1 (rat anti-human) PE MBL 2A9-1 IgG2b, k 10