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Table 1 Summary of reviewed publications on quats and asthma

From: Methodological evaluation of human research on asthmagenicity and occupational cleaning: a case study of quaternary ammonium compounds (“quats”)

ReferencesStudy typeStudy locationQuats exposure
Burge and Richardson [35]Single case report/SIC studyUKLauryl dimethyl BAC
Bernstein et al. [34]Single case report/SIC studyUSABAC
Purohit et al. [39]Three case reports/SIC studiesFranceBAC
Rosenman et al. [51]Four case reportsUSAADBAC, DDAC, quaternary ammonium salts
Quinn et al. [33]Four case reportsUSAADBAC, DDAC
Vandenplas et al. [53]Case series [44 subjects]/SIC studiesBelgiumQAC
Bellier et al. [48]Case series [22 subjects]/SIC studiesFranceDDAC, ADBAC, didecylmethyl ammonium propionate, BAC, bis-aminopropyl-laurylamine, amine oxide
Rosenman et al. [51]Analysis of the SENSOR databaseUSAQuaternary ammonia
Mehler et al.Analysis of the SENSOR databaseUSAQAC
Paris et al. [50]Analysis of the National Occupational Health Surveillance NetworkFranceQAC
Massin et al. [45]Cross-sectional study of food industry workersFranceQAC
Gonzalez et al. [36]Cross-sectional study of health care workersFranceQAC
Dumas et al. [49]Cross-sectional study of hospital workersFranceQAC
Weber et al. [40]Retrospective cohort study of persons employed in a large health care systemUSANot specified
Preller et al. [62]Cross-sectional study of pig farmersNetherlandsQAC
Vogelzang et al. [44, 54, 55]Cross-sectional studies of pig farmersNetherlandsQAC
Smit et al. [52]Cross-sectional studies of conventional and organic farmersNetherlandsQAC
  1. ADBAC alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, BAC benzalkonium chloride, DDAC didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, QAC quaternary ammonium compound