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Table 1 Routing through questionnaire sections and subgroups used in analyses

From: The impact of perennial allergic rhinitis with/without allergic asthma on sleep, work and activity level

 Total N (%)
Population characteristics511/511 (100%)
Treatment management511/511 (100%)
Sleep problems (frequency and impact)338/511 (66.1%)
WPAI325/511 (63.6%)
 Sub-analyses groups
 Physician diagnosis: AR only (no AA)159/511 (31.1%)
 Physician diagnosis: AR and AA (no AA)237/511 (46.4%)
 Treatment: receiving AIT105/511(20.5%)
 Treatment: receiving other prescription medication (not AIT)110/511(21.5%)
  1. All 511 subjects were routed to all sections of the survey, except for the ‘sleep problems’ to which only those who reported sleep problems (N = 338) were routed. Only those who reported employment were included in the WPAI analysis