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Table 8 Allergic reaction assessment tool based on the CoFAR grading system

From: Protocol for a double-blind, randomized controlled trial on the dose-related efficacy of omalizumab in multi-food oral immunotherapy

  Grade 1—mild Grade 2—moderate Grade 3—severe Grade 4—life-threatening Grade 5—death
Intensity Transient or mild discomfort (˂48 h) Mild to moderate limitation in activity Marked limitation in activity Extreme limitation in activity  
Assistance No May be needed Usually required
Parenteral medication(s) are usually indicated
Significant assistance required  
Medical Intervention/Therapy Required No or minimal No or minimal Required Required  
Hospitalization No Possible Possible Probable  
May include these symptoms Pruritus
Abdominal discomfort
Other transient symptoms
Persistent hives
Wheezing without dyspnea
Abdominal discomfort/increased vomiting
Other symptoms
Bronchospasm with dyspnea
Severe abdominal pain
Throat tightness with hoarseness
Transient hypotension
Other symptoms
Persistent hypotension and/or hypoxia
Decreased level of consciousness
Associated with collapse and/or incontinence
Other life-threatening symptoms