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Table 2 Results of laboratory tests in the hereby reported patients

From: Activated phosphoinositide 3-kinase delta syndrome 1 and 2 (APDS 1 and APDS 2): similarities and differences based on clinical presentation in two boys

Laboratory parameterCase 1bAge-specific normaCase 2cAge-specific norma
Leukocyte count5.14 K/µl5–15 K/µl6.48 K/µl5–13 K/µl
Neutrophil count3.23 K/µl1.5–8 K/µl3.04 K/µl2–8 K/µl
Hemoglobin concentration8.8 g/dl ↓↓11.5–14.0 g/dl13.0 g/dl11.5–15.5 g/dl
Platelet count145 K/µl100–490 K/µl373 K/µl100–450 K/µl
IgG concentration<1.56 g/l ↓↓↓4.28–12.3 g/l2.0 g/l ↓↓↓8.5–13.0 g/l
IgA concentration0.33 g/l ↓↓1.08–2.43 g/l<0.06 g/l ↓↓↓0.91–2.55 g/l
IgM concentration2.3 g/l0.3–1.12 g/l0.27 g/l ↓↓↓0.66–1.55 g/l
B lymphocytes (CD 19+)63/µl (4.72%) ↓↓↓400–1700/µl164/µl (5.4%) ↓↓200–600/µl
T lymphocytes (CD 3+)1515/µl (78.9%) ↓↓2120–2830/µl2202/µl (72.5%)800–3500/µl
T-helper lymphocytes (CD3+CD4+)207/µl (15.32%) ↓↓640–1560/µl777/µl (25.5%)400–2100/µl
T-helper memory lymphocytes (CD3+CD4+CD45RO+)13.88% (186/µl)8.7–25.9%4.5% (137/µl) ↓↓↓27.2–62.0%
Naïve T-helper lymphocytes (CD3+CD4+CD45RA+)2.35% (31/µl) ↓↓↓13.3–37.8%61.1% (1861/µl)31.1–66.3%
T-cytotoxic lymphocytes (CD3+CD8+)680/µl (50.47%) ↑200–630/µl1075/µl (35.3%)200–1200/µl
T-cytotoxic memory lymphocytes (CD3+CD8+CD45RO+)46.18% (622/µl) ↑↑3.9–20.2%54.8% (1669/µl) ↑↑15.9–46.4%
Naïve T-cytotoxic lymphocytes (CD3+CD8+CD45RA+)24.9% (336/µl) ↑6.9–22%16.6% (506/µl) ↓↓44.1–77.1%
  1. aDifferences in normal ranges reflect different age of patients at the time of laboratory testing
  2. bLaboratory test was performed on the patient aged 3 years
  3. cLaboratory test was performed on the patient aged 10 years