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Table 1 Side effects

From: A preseason booster prolongs the increase of allergen specific IgG4 levels, after basic allergen intralymphatic immunotherapy, against grass pollen seasonal allergy

1ILIT-injection × 3 basic treatment 2015 + booster-inj 2016Basic ILIT treatment 1-3 and 39 injectionsActive booster 13 injectionsPlacebo booster 6 injections  
2Nose within 1 h000  
3Lungs within 1 h000  
4skin within 1 h000  
5Abdomen within 1 h000  
6Local redness within 1 h110  
7Local swelling within 1 h440  
8Local itch within 1 h300  
9Local bruising within 1 h000  
10Nose within 24 h420  
11Lungs within 24 h000  
12Skin within 24 h310  
13Abdomen within 24 h000  
14Tiredness within 24 h1631  
15Local redness within 24 h750  
16Local swelling within 24 h620  
17Local within 24 h940  
18Local bruising within 24 h000  
  1. The numbers indicate how many injections that caused the various side effects, respectively. In this project there were no local bruising