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Table 2 SCIG push replacement in IVIG naïve patients

From: Delivery of subcutaneous immunoglobulin by rapid “push” infusion for primary immunodeficiency patients in Manitoba: a retrospective review

 IVIG naïve
Average value prior* (range)Average value 12 months post SCIG (range)Mean difference (standard deviation)p-value
Serum IgG level (g/L; normal range 6.9–16.2)4.87 (< 0.33–12.30)10.83 (5.85–16.1)+ 5.96 (2.82)< 0.0001
Antibiotic prescriptions filled5.67 (1–14)4.19 (0–16)− 1.48 (3.70)0.048
Number of hospitalizations0.37 (0–2)0.22 (0–1)− 0.148 (0.662)0.256
  1. *6 months prior with respect to IgG trough serum levels and 12 months prior with respect to antibiotic prescriptions and hospitalizations Values in italics indicate statistical significance as defined in methods