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Table 2 Spearman’s correlation coefficients between BPI and other clinical indices

From: Serum BPI as a novel biomarker in asthma

 Serum BPI (ng/mL)
Age (years)0.120.27
Gender− 0.140.16
BMI (kg/m2)− 0.110.93
Allergic history (%)0.130.23
Blood eosinophils counts− 0.0040.98
Blood neutrophils counts0.240.05
Total IgE (IU/mL)0.030.89
FeNO (ppb)− 0.070.70
FEV1% predicted− 0.160.38
  1. Spearman’s correlation coefficients between asthmatic and healthy individuals
  2. BMI body mass index, IgE immunoglobulin E, hs-CRP high sensitivity C-reactive protein, BPI bactericidal/permeability increasing protein, FeNO fractional exhaled nitric oxide, FEV1% predicted forced expiratory volume in one second as percentage of predicted volume
  3. * p < 0.05