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Table 3 Case studies outlining 3 participants, each reporting minimal, moderate or severe impact from APPEAL-2

From: Allergy to Peanuts imPacting Emotions And Life (APPEAL): the impact of peanut allergy on children, adolescents, adults and caregivers in France

  Minimal impact Moderate impact Severe impact
Demographics Male, age 15 Male, age 23 Male, age 9 (child report)
Severity Moderate Severe Moderate
AAI? Yes Yes No
Confidencea Confident Quite confident Confidentb
Controla Good Good None or very littleb
Reaction history Had two mild reactions when 8 years old (before diagnosis) Very rarely has reactions, last one was 6 months ago. He went to hospital, received an infusion and adrenaline injection One reaction aged 4 or 5 years (before diagnosis), experienced breathing difficulties and went to hospital
Main impacts He avoids foods that he knows contain peanuts, but it has minimal impact He is very cautious, always carries emergency medication
He doesn’t eat food in a restaurant if there is doubt about whether it contains peanuts; generally has good control
PA does not affect his daily activities; he is just careful
Not allowed to go to birthday parties
He is not allowed to eat at restaurants
Tells others not to come near him after eating peanuts or to wash their hands
Parents keep him away from peanuts; he has to go upstairs when people are eating peanuts at home
Children at school laughed at him because of his PA
  1. PA peanut allergy
  2. aHow confident do you feel in managing reactions to peanut; how much control do you have over your peanut allergy?
  3. bCaregiver report of how confident and how much control they believe the child feels