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Table 2 Changes in the antigen-specific immunoglobulin E levels

From: Successful sublingual immunotherapy for severe egg allergy in children: a case report

  Patient 1 Patient 2
Egg white specific IgE (uA/mL)
 Before starting SLIT 56.1 14.4
 At the completion of SLIT 42.8 9.65
 During OIT (at Mar/2020) 18.7 6.29
Ovomucoid specific IgE (uA/mL)
 Before starting SLIT 37.7 10.3
 At the completion of SLIT 33.8 6.79
 During OIT (at Mar/2020) 12.4 4.59
  1. IgE immunoglobulin E, SLIT Sublingual immunotherapy, and OIT oral immunotherapy