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Table 2 Components of a complete history for suspected ocular allergy [7, 10, 15]

From: A contemporary look at allergic conjunctivitis


Question for patients

Ocular symptoms

What are your symptoms? How severe are they?

Are your eyes itchy? Do they burn? sting? Are they painful?

Is there discharge from your eyes? If so, is it watery or mucoid?

Does it feel like there is a foreign body in your eyes?

Do you rub your eyes?

Are your eyes dry?

When did your symptoms start?

What is your worst season, if any?

Have you had any previous episodes?

Are your symptoms in one eye or both?

Are there any exacerbating or relieving factors?

Is your vision affected?

Are you sensitive to lights?

Do you wear contact lenses? Are they comfortable?

Is there any history of trauma to your eyes?

Health history

Is there associated atopy? Or a family history of atopy?

Is there a diagnosis of ADHD?

Are you on any medications?

Are there any other past medical and surgical concerns (tonsillectomy, sinus surgery)?


Do you live with pets?

Is the home carpeted? Forced-air heating? Air conditioning? Humidity level?

Is there exposure to smoke (first- or second-hand)?

Have there been any new exposures (e.g., new pet, renovations, new personal or home hygiene products)?

Are there any potential occupational exposures?

Infectious contacts (possibility of infectious cause of red eye)?


Have OTC topical products been used? If so, which product(s)?

Have OTC oral agents been used? If so, which product(s)?

Have prescription medications, including immunotherapy, been tried?

How often were the therapies used and for how long?

Has there been any relief of symptoms?

Quality of Life

Are the symptoms interfering with school/work, activities of daily living or sleep?

Has school/work been missed due to symptoms?