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Table 1 Mannitol compared to methacholine deep inhalation studies

From: Comparison of methacholine and mannitol challenges: importance of method of methacholine inhalation

 RefsnAsthma definitionnNon-asthma definition
1Anderson et al.[3]25Asthma with indirect AHR to hypertonic saline0 
2Pjorsgerg et al.[4]0 16Asymptomatic positive MCT
3Miedinger et al.[5]14Asthma defined by board physician from
101 Swiss firefighters
87Defined by board MD
4Pjorsberg et al.[6]53Asthmatics not using ICS0 
5Anderson et al.[7]240240 of 375 with symptoms and unconfirmed asthma
diagnosis made by AHR-blinded physician
135Defined by AHR-blinded physician
6Gade et al.[8]48Asthmatics same day tests in random order
21 using ICS
7Miedinger et al.[9]42Doctor diagnosed (MD-Dx) asthma
235 Swiss armed forces conscripts
193Non-asthmatic conscripts
8Sverrild et al.[10]51From 238 randomly selected subjects
Dx by physician blinded to AHR results
187Blinded physician
9Cancelliere et al.[11]11From 28 with asthma-like Sx
Dx defined by positive AHR
17Defined by negative AHR
10Manoharan et al.[12]123MD-Dx asthma0 
11Kim et al.[13]50MD-Dx asthma54Normal controls
12Backer et al.[14]122From 190 referred for possible asthma
Dx by panel without AHR results
68Defined by panel without AHR results
13Park et al.[15]134Asthmatic children 32 using ICS0