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Table 3 Mannitol compared to methacholine tidal breathing studies

From: Comparison of methacholine and mannitol challenges: importance of method of methacholine inhalation

 ReferencenAsthma definitionnNon asthma definition
AuthorRef #
1Subbarao et al.[16]25Asthmatic children with positive methacholine test10Non asthmatic methacholine negative
2Koskelka et al.[17]37Mild corticosteroid naïve asthmatics
NB: Histamine
10Non asthmatic controls
3Sue-Chu et al.[18]10MD-Dx asthma from 58 cross country skiers48Non asthmatic cross country skiers
4Andregnette et al.[20]30Current asthmatic children0 
5Aronsson et al.[19]34Asthmatics18Non asthmatic controls
6Lemiere et al.[21]30Occupational asthmatics0 
7Andregnette et al.[22]23Asthmatic children with EIB symptoms0 
8Toennesen et al.[23]18MD-Dx asthma from 57 elite athletes39Non asthmatic Elite athletes
9Porpodis et al.[24]67From 88 subjects with asthma-like symptoms21Symptoms but no asthma
10Gutierrez et al.[25]156Asthmatic children38Non asthmatic controls
11Cockcroft et al.[26,27,28]26Mild asthma no ICS0 
12Blais et al.[29]20Mild asthma no ICS0