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Table 8 Multiple linear regression analyses predicting intangible costs incurred by the household, responding parent, spouse, and child from income level among food-allergic families

From: The excess costs of childhood food allergy on Canadian families: a cross-sectional study

  ß 95%CI p-value
Responding Parent Well-being  
 Lower income Ref Ref  
 Higher income 0.20 − 0.64, 1.03 0.63
Spouse Well-being    
 Lower income Ref Ref  
 Higher income  − 0.46 − 1.32, 0.40 0.29
Child Well-being    
 Lower income Ref Ref  
 Higher income 0.66 − 0.52, 1.83 0.26
Income sufficiency    
 Lower income Ref Ref  
 Higher income $23,746.28 $12,099.50, $35,393.07  < 0.001
  1. Number of household members and allergic comorbidities status (i.e., presence vs. absence) are included as covariates in each of the models. Income sufficiency quantifies the difference between a family’s actual income and the income they deem sufficient to meet their needs
  2. 95% CI 95th percent confidence interval