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Fig. 3

From: Assessment of changes in genetic transcriptome in nasal epithelial cells exposed to ozone-aged black carbon and pollen allergen by high-throughput transcriptomics

Fig. 3Fig. 3

Gene ontology (GO) analysis by High-throughput RNA sequencing. Top 30 GO terms enriched by up-regulated and down-regulated genes in O3BC (25 and 300 μg/ml) or pollen treated hNECs. In each plot, the GO terms were aligned from left to right according to their Rich Factor from low to high. a 200 μg/ml pollen treatment, b 25 μg/ml O3BC treatment, c 300 μg/ml O3BC treatment, d 25 μg/ml O3BC + 200 μg/ml pollen treatment. q value < 0.05 and FC2

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