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Table 1 Differentially expressed genes associated with inflammatory response; including; regulation of neutrophil migration and chemotaxis, macrophage differentiation and chemotaxis, mast cell activation, degranulation and mast cells mediated immunity, phagocytosis, and cell response for lipoteichonic acid in hNECs exposed to 25 μg/ml O3BC + 200 μg/ml pollen vs control hNECs

From: Assessment of changes in genetic transcriptome in nasal epithelial cells exposed to ozone-aged black carbon and pollen allergen by high-throughput transcriptomics

Biological function Related Gene Log2FC q-value Biological function Related Gene Log2FC q-value
Regulation of neutrophil degranulation, migration and chemotaxis CCL20 8.81 5.01E−37   TLR2 1.27 3.71E−21
ITGAM 7.72 8.65E−22 Regulation of phaocytosis ITGAM 7.72 8.65E−22
CXCL8 7.59 3.29E−68 DOCK2 6.53 5.20E−17
IL1B 6.22 2.87E−56 IL1B 6.22 2.87E−56
S100A9 5.99 7.24E−06 CD14 5.86 3.80E−14
CXCL5 4.76 2.44E−06 PTPRC 5.55 9.34E−07
IL1R1 3.63 7.47E−09 CD36 3.72 1.71E−10
CSF3R 3.15 1.04E−05 SLC11A1 3.12 2.54E−14
RAC2 3.05 2.40E−16 RAC2 3.05 2.40E−16
CXCL3 2.01 1.51E−09 MERTK 2.82 1.21E−07
IL1A 1.14 1.01E−07 Regulation of mast cells degranulation, activation and mast cells mediated immunity VAV1 4.76 2.44E−06
Macrophage differentiation, chemotaxis HCLS1 7.29 7.19E−19 FGR 4.43 1.89E−10
MMP9 6.06 1.24E−48 FES 3.40 0.000367
LPL 5.59 5.24E−07 RAC2 3.05 2.40E−16
CSF1 4.23 4.08E−15 MILR1 1.87 0.01
CD36 3.72 1.71E−10 LAT2 1.26 2.48E−07
CSFR1 3.37 7.25E−18 FCER1G 1.21 8.12E−17