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Table 3 Desensitization protocol by CSII with a short-acting insulin. Adapted from Yuan et al.

From: The complexities of insulin allergy: a case and approach

Day Dose Rate increasea Target rate at the end of the day
1 0.01 IU/h of dilute insulinb 0.01 IU/h 0.24 IU/h
2 0.25 IU/h of non-dilute insulin 0.05 IU/h 1.4 IU/h
3 1.0 IU/hc Add 4–6 IU to the bolus insulin infusion before each meal with the insulin pump
4 Give the bolus insulin by subcutaneous injection using a syringe, with a CSII basal insulin infusion administered at the same time
Stop using CSII and gave the patient insulin therapy by alternative multiple subcutaneous injections
  1. aCheck blood glucose levels and vitals q1h
  2. bShort-action insulin preparation was diluted 10 times (from U100 to U10 by saline)
  3. cAlternatively can decrease to 0.5 IU/h at night to avoid hypoglycemia in older patients