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Table 2 Suspected etiology of masked eosinophilia in those patients with two or more sputum cell counts (n = 2967)

From: Underestimation of airway luminal eosinophilia by quantitative sputum cytometry

Criteria for assessing eosinophilic inflammation 1.2%¥ 2.3%ǁ
Treatment of neutrophilia and decrease in corticosteroid dose 9.2% 8.7%
Treatment of neutrophilia 19.1% 28.8%
Decrease in corticosteroid dose 26.5% 28.9%
Disease flare (not attributed to neutrophilia and/or decrease in corticosteroid dose) 57.8% 60.5%
  1. ¥Group defined as eosinophils ≥ 1.2% or any FEG
  2. ǁGroup defined as eosinophils ≥ 2.3% or moderate/many FEG