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Table 1 Seven cases of allergy due to ingestion of edible jellyfish

From: Anaphylaxis after jellyfish ingestion with no history of stings: a pediatric case report

Case Country Age/sex Type of jellyfish Anaphylaxis Previous jellyfish sting Skin prick test Oral food challenge Basophil activation test Immuno-blotting References
1 Japan 32/F Rhopilema esculentum Yes Yes (surfer) Rhopilema esculentum (+) ND ND Aurelia aurita (200 kDa) [5]
2 Japan 45/M Unknown Yes Yes (surfer) Jellyfish (unknown) (+) ND Jellyfish (unknown) (+) ND [6]
Poly-γ-glutamic acid (+)
Fermented soybeans (+)
3 Japan 14/M Cephea cephea Yes No Cephea cephea (+) ND ND ND [7]
4 China 26/M Unknown Yes Yes (ND) ND ND ND ND [8]
5 Japan 30/M Unknown Yes Yes (fisherman) Stomolphus meleagris (+) ND ND ND [9]
6 Japan 14/M Loboneimoides robustus Yes No Loboneimoides robustus (+) (+) ND ND [10]
Poly-γ-glutamic acid (−)
Fermented soybeans (−)
7 Japan 14/F Unknown Yes No Rhopilema hisphidum (+) (+) Rhopilema esculentum (+) Collagen from Rhopilema esculentum (40 kDa) Present case
Stomolophus meleagris (−) Stomolophus meleagris (+)
Nemopilema nomurai (+) Rhopilema hisphidum (+)
Lobonema smithi (+) Lobonema smithi (+)
Fermented soybeans (−)
  1. ND no data