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Table 2 summary of the studies reported no significant effect of IVIG administration in COVID-19

From: Potential therapeutic approach of intravenous immunoglobulin against COVID-19

Studies suggesting against the use of IVIG Type of Study Number of Cases Dosage of IVIG Measurement of treatment success Other therapies used in the course of disease Comorbidities Additional Explanations
Liu et al. [51] Retrospective 109 Did not lower mortality rate in hospital stay (42 days) Antivirals, glucocorticoid Varied (diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, etc.) No significant effect of antivirus, glucocorticoid, or immunoglobulin treatment on survival was observed in patients with ARDS
Pei et al. [52] Systematic review and meta-analysis 1142 Varied Varied Antivirals, antibiotics, glucocorticoid Varied intravenous immunoglobulin had a nonsignificant effect on mortality