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Table 1 Details of HAE patients with Malignancy Diagnosis

From: Malignancy and immune disorders in patients with hereditary angioedema

Patient number Age at time of study Sex Age of HAE diagnosis Details of HAE diagnosis Type of malignancy Age of malignancy diagnosis Extent of malignancy and treatment
Patient 1 57 F 41 Multiple family members with HAE on paternal side Breast 54 Invasive ductal carcinoma − ER/PR + , HER2 equivocal, treated with surgery and post-menopausal state
Patient 2 58 M 12 8 family members with HAE Melanoma 56 Stage 3 with unknown primary, treated with surgery and chemotherapy
Patient 3 70 F 66 Sister, father and daughter with HAE Pancreatic 70 Metastatic, passed away shortly after diagnosis
Patient 4 46 F 42 Mother and maternal aunt with HAE Cervical dysplasia (ASC-H, prior HSIL) Early 40 s, prior to HAE diagnosis Localized, treated with Hysterectomy. Currently being investigated for bladder cancer
Patient 5 58 F 56 Brother and nephew with HAE Breast 50 Treated with mastectomy and tamoxifen for five years
Patient 6 74 F 73 Mutation in SERPING1, suspected family history (currently being investigated) Renal 62 Metastatic, treated with nephrectomy, immunotherapy, and localized radiation
  1. ER estrogen receptor, PR progesterone receptor, HER2 Herceptin receptor, ASC-H atypical squamous cells, HSIL high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion