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Table 3 Characteristics of the 12 studies included in the meta-analysis

From: What is the impact of birth weight corrected for gestational age on later onset asthma: a meta-analysis

Author, publication year Country Study design Total number of subjects Age Asthma definition BW/GA Gestational age
Hesselmar et al. [19], 2002 Sweden Case–control 950 15–25y Questionnaire SGA
Grischkan et al. [21], 2004 American Cohort 251 8–11y Questionnaire SGA 24–36w
Jaakkola and Gissler [16], 2004 Finland Cohort 58,841 0–7y Medical record SGA
Gessner and Chimonas [12], 2007 American Cross-sectional 37,349  < 10y Medical record SGA
Lu et al. [18], 2012 Taiwan Cross-sectional 75,181 10–17y Medical record and Questionnaire SGA; AGA; LGA
Wang et al. [20], 2012 Taiwan Cross-sectional 78,011 13–16y Questionnaire SGA
Kalen et al. [14], 2013 Sweden Cross-sectional 763,666 2–11y Medical record SGA; AGA; LGA 23–44w
Koshy et al. [24], 2013 UK Cross-sectional 6361 5–11y Questionnaire SGA 39–41w
Miyake and Tanaka [15], 2013 Japanese Cross-sectional 2004 3y Questionnaire SGA
Liu et al. [22], 2014 Sweden Finland Denmark Cohort 5,656,507 3–18y Medical record SGA; LGA; AGA 22–45w
Pinto et al. [23], 2017 Netherlands Cohort 1608 8y Questionnaire LGA 38–42w
Carter et al. [13], 2019 Canada Cohort 32,867 0–25y Medical record SGA; LGA; AGA  ≥ 37w
  1. BW/GA birth weight corrected for gestational age, SGA small for gestational age, AGA appropriate for gestational age, LGA large for gestational age, y year, w week