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Table 3 Pharmacogenetics of HLA-associated DIHS

From: Drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome induced by propylthiouracil: case report and literature review

Associated drug   HLA allele Ethnicity
Aromatic anticonvulsants Carbamazepine A*31:01 Northern European, Japanese, Korean
  Phenytoin B*51:01 Thai
   B*15:13 Malaysian
  Lamotrigine A*24:02 Spanish
Uric-acid-lowering drug Allopurinol B*58:01 Han Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, European
Antriretroviral drug Abacavir B*57:01 European, African
  Nevirapine C*04 African, Han Chinese
   C*08 or C*08-B*14 haplotype Italian, Japanese
Antibiotics Dapsone B*13:01 Han Chinese
  1. DIHS drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome, HLA human leukocyte antigen