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Table 4 Reported cases of ATDs-induced DIHS

From: Drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome induced by propylthiouracil: case report and literature review

Study Ozaki (2005) Ye (2010) Our study
Age 50 years 34 years 24 years
Sex Male Female Female
Time of onset after ATDs 1.5 months 6 weeks 3 weeks
Fever Yes Yes Yes
Rash Yes Yes Yes
Hematologic abnormality
 Leucocytosis Yes NR No
 Atypical lymphocytosis No NR Yes
 Eosinophilia NR Yes Yes
Liver abnormality Yes Yes Yes
Other affected organs Lung NR Kidney
Lymphademopathy NR Yes Yes
HHV-6 detection Yes NR No
Other virus detection CMV NR No
Treatment Corticosteroid Corticosteroid Corticosteroid, IVIG
  1. ATDs antithyroid drugs, DIHS drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome, HHV-6 human herpes virus-6, IVIG intravenous immunoglobulin, MMI methimazole, NR not reported, PTU propylthiouracil