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Table 2 Participant feedback on asthma education

From: Optimizing pediatric asthma education using virtual platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic

Theme Responses
1. Information
(detailed, understandable)
“I learned quite a bit about asthma”
“The session was very informative. The educator explained the concepts in simple language which was easy…to understand”
“Not until we had the information did we realize that there was so much that we didn’t know, and that there was so much that we were doing incorrectly with our other child”
2. Value
(knowledge impact, felt supported)
“The education session taught us how to manage my child's asthma so that we don’t have to go to the hospital frequently”
“Wish we had received it [education] years ago”
“Over the moon that we were able to have the education otherwise we wouldn’t know what to do.”
“A lot more confidence about when to give things, when to go to the hospital. Now we have a plan that is straight forward.”
“Session was exactly what we needed”
Attended in-person Attended virtually
3. Experience Safety “We needed a bigger room…so many people in the little room” “I want to protect my child from any virus.”
“I am not comfortable with social media.”
“I am concerned about privacy and confidentiality.”
Convenience “It would be beneficial to have education during the [hospital] stay rather than coming in after the fact.”
“If possible—offering weekend sessions—possibly an evening could work for us as well.”
“I have another young child and sometimes it is difficult to manage the schedule and come to CHEO in person.”
“Saves [commuting] time”
“We do not have to commute and worry about parking. “Virtual session suit[s] our lifestyle better.”
Accessibility “Both the parents should be allowed to attend the session if interested.” “My husband and child both could attend the session since it was over Zoom”
“Since we live in the countryside our internet connection is not very stable. It was not difficult to connect to the session but due to poor internet service there was a lag or other technical issues.”