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Table 2 Effect of cryopreservation on Treg numbers and phenotype

From: Patients with posttraumatic stress disorder exhibit an altered phenotype of regulatory T cells

  Fresh PBMCs (N = 5) Frozen PBMCs (N = 5) p value
CD3+CD4+ 51,4 51,38 0,99
Tregs (CD3+CD4+CD25+FOXP3+CD127lo/-) 2,16 2,15 0,96
CD127loHLA-DR- Tregs 35,8 34,8 0,77
CD127loHLA-DR+ Tregs 35,96 37,56 0,53
CD127-HLA-DR+ Tregs 20,54 20,8 0,91
CD127-HLA-DR- Tregs 7,67 6,77 0,36
  1. The impact of the cryopreservation method was tested by measuring Treg frequencies and phenotype in fresh and freeze/thawed PBMCs of a small random sample (N = 5). Treg frequencies and phenotype of the same subjects before and after cryopreservation were compared with paired samples T test (data represented as group means). The results indicate no effect of cryopreservation on Treg numbers and phenotype.