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Sleep disturbances in a Canadian population with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)


To compare the self-reported prevalence of sleep duration and quality in patients with asthma, chronic bronchitis (CB), or undefined COPD in the Canadian population.


This cross-sectional survey was done using the Public Use Microdata File Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) Questionnaire for Cycle 1.1 (2000-2001). Ninety-eight percent of the Canadian population was represented by a sample of 133,000 persons, aged 12 or older.


A higher frequency of difficulty falling or staying asleep most of the time was observed in people with asthma (19.1%), chronic bronchitis (29.7%), or COPD (30.9%) compared to the general population (GP: 12.8%). Fewer patients with these conditions reported finding their sleep "refreshing" most of the time (A: 50.7%; CB: 42.1%; COPD: 45.1%) compared to those without these ailments (62.3%). A difference was also observed in regard to difficulty in staying awake most of the time during the day (A: 8.3%; CB: 10.5%; COPD: 11.0%; GP: 5.7%) and in the degree to which chronic fatigue was reported (A: 1.7%; BC: 3.2%; COPD: 5.2%; GP: 0.8%). Canadians with asthma and COPD report more sleep disturbance and chronic fatigue than healthy people.


Eventually, this study will be published in a journal and will be presented at both national and international conferences.


This study will help optimize treatment in respiratory diseases. A better knowledge base will result in better treatment. Asking questions about quality of sleep will provide physicians with a better understanding of their patient. This type of question will indicate to them how the disease impacts patient's lives.

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