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Table 1 Allergen-specific Immunotherapy: indications, contraindications and special considerations [57]

From: Allergen-specific immunotherapy

Indications: • Patients with stinging insect (venom) hypersensitivity
• Patients with allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis and/or allergic asthma who have evidence of specific IgE antibodies to clinically relevant allergens; includes patients who:
– Do not achieve control of symptoms with avoidance measures and pharmacotherapy
– Do not want ongoing or long-term pharmacotherapy
– Experience undesirable side effects with pharmacotherapy
Contraindications: • Patients on beta-blockers (relative contraindication with venoms)
• Patients with uncontrolled or severe asthma
• Significant co-morbid diseases such as cardiovascular disability
Special considerations: • Children < 6 years of age
• Pregnancy
• The elderly
• Patients with malignancy, immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases
  1. IgE: immunoglobulin E