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Table 1 Inhaler device check list

From: Improper inhaler technique is associated with poor asthma control and frequent emergency department visits

Use of a pressurized metered-dose inhaler
 1. Shake the canister
 2. Hold the canister upright at opening of mouth
 3. Begin a slow breath
 4. Actuate the MDI once while continuing with a slow breath
 5. Inhale to total lung capacity
 6. Hold breath for at least 4 seconds
MDI with spacer
 1. Remove the cap of the spacer.
 2. Remove the cap of the puffer. Shake the puffer 5 or 6 times.
 3. Insert the puffer in the hole at the back of the spacer.
 4. Blow all your breath out until lungs are empty.
 5. Insert the spacer mouthpiece into the mouth
 6. Press the down once on the puffer's canister.
 7. Slowly breathe in from the spacer full breath.
 8. Hold your breath for at least 4 seconds
Using the turbuhaler
 1. Unscrew the cover and remove it.
 2. Holding the Turbuhaler upright, turn the colored wheel one way and back the other way until it clicks.
 3. Breathe out normally.
 4. Put the mouthpiece between your lips and tilt your head back slightly.
 5. Breathe in deeply and forcefully.
 6. Hold your breath for 10 seconds
 1. Open the device
 2. Slide the lever
 3. Exhale away from device, to empty lung
 4. Place mouthpiece between teeth and lips
 5. Inhale rapidly and fully