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Table 1 Definition of sleep disorders

From: Poor sleep is highly associated with house dust mite allergic rhinitis in adults and children

Items Criteria
Difficulty falling asleep The participant needs more than 30 min to fall asleep
Nocturnal awakening The participant wakes up at least 2 times throughout the night
Early awakening The participant wakes up very early or extremely early in the morning
Poor-quality sleep The participant reports «sleep trouble» as a symptom that prompted him/her to visit a doctor and «poor-quality of sleep» as one of his/her sleep disorders
AND/OR the participant reports being dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with his/her current sleep
AND/OR the participant reports substantial difficulties staying asleep
AND/OR the participant reports considerable difficulties falling back to sleep (rarely or never managing to fall back asleep)
Snoring The participant reports snoring often or almost daily
AND/OR the participant reports that he/she was already told that he/she snores.
Insomnia No insomnia = ISI score: 0–7
Mild insomnia = ISI score: 8–14
Moderate insomnia = ISI score: 15–21
Severe insomnia = ISI score: 22–28
Daytime sleepiness No daytime sleepiness = ESS score: 0–8
Daytime sleepiness = ESS score: 9–15
Severe daytime sleepiness = ESS score: >15