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Table 2 Ranking of nasal and ocular symptoms

From: Clinical validation of controlled exposure to house dust mite in the environmental exposure unit (EEU)

Symptom Score    
0 1 2 3
TRSS Symptom is completely absent Symptom is present, but not bothersome Symptom is bothersome, but tolerable Symptom is hard to tolerate, desiring treatment
  Runny nose/ nasal drip
  Nasal congestion/ stuffiness
  Itchy nose
  Itchy/ gritty eyes
  Watery/ tearing eyes
  Red/ burning eyes
  Ear/ palate/ throat itching
  1. Participants rated their symptoms on a scale from 0 to 3, increasing in severity on paper diary cards. The individual symptom scores for each participant were tallied as Total Nasal Symptom Score (max 12), Total Ocular Symptom Score (max 9) and a Total Rhinoconjunctivitis Symptom Score (max 24)