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Table 2 Resource costs for SQ Tree SLIT-tablets and Tree Pollen SCIT

From: Sublingual immunotherapy tablet: a cost-minimizing alternative in the treatment of tree pollen-induced seasonal allergic rhinitis in Canada

Cost category Cost type $CAD/unit
Ontario Quebec Ontario Quebec
SQ Tree SLIT-tablets Box of 30 tablets 132.00
Dispensing fee/claim [20, 22] 8.83 9.28
Tree Pollen SCIT vials*# Pre-Seasonal Treatment: Presaisonnier- Arbres Complete Treatment [Allegro—99101142] (one treatment) [21] 265.00
Annual Treatment—10 mL concentrate—Monovalent standardise [Allegro—99101107] (one vial) [21]
Physician Medical specific re-assessment (follow-up visit), specialist consultation, A474 [23] Initial visit, under 80, In office or at home, less than 500 patients (average)—Code 15801 [24] 63.70 75.13
Partial assessment (pre- or post-injection), specialist consultation, A478 [23] Follow-up visit, under 80, In office or at home, less than 500 patients (average)—Code 15803 [24] 38.25 37.55
Injection (sole reason for visit), G202 [23] Hyposensitization treatment, without examination, one or more injections in same session—Code 00400 [24] 4.45 5.10
Injection (with consultation at same visit), G212 [23] 9.75
Nurse Hourly wage [25, 26] (Scenario Analysis) 39.22 34.22
Patient Average hourly wage [27] 28.52 29.01
Travel expense by private car [28] 0.59
  1. SQ Tree SLIT standardized quality Tree pollen sublingual immunotherapy, Tree Pollen SCIT Tree Pollen subcutaneous immunotherapy
  2. *In Canada, a dispensing fee is a professional fee that is charges by the pharmacy for each filled prescription
  3. #Physicians noted that pre-seasonal formulations and annual formulations vary but under the Quebec public formulary (RAMQ, [21]), prices for both sets are the same. Other company’s SCIT products were not included in the analyses, however, of note, for the Quebec public formulary, the products from OMEGA are priced similarly, or are more expensive, than the included products